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Faster Websites
More Data
Cheaper Marketing

Great Websites. Great Data. Better Marketing.

Delivering better online performance and marketing for business websites to cut the cost of customer acquisition. A TrikeWeb website is the most efficient performance build possible and can increase measurable performance, using metrics, by 20%.

Creating excellent download speeds and delivering the data you need for your business to succeed. The aim is to drive enquiries to your business, so all your digital marketing requirements are front of mind from the beginning. And improving on other analytics TrikeWeb uses in-house scripting to get more data.

TrikeWeb also ticks the other important webspace boxes of security, accessibility, best practice and SEO.

TrikeWeb adds operational governance to your business webspace.

Peace of Mind Packages

TrikeWeb offers three levels of service - it is your choice which you need!

TrikeWeb Premium Maintenance and Performance Package

Ideal for web-based businesses looking to maximise their return on their website investment by using data to inform their website decisions. Also the best option if you require frequent content updates to reflect stock or service changes.

TrikeWeb Standard Maintenance Package

Ideal for the small business which needs a website and some updates, but isn't reliant on it for sales.

Standalone website

Ideal for a brochure-type website which provides information which won't change or need regular monitoring. You can always get back in touch about changes or add a maintenance and data package at a later date.

Update as you need

After your TrikeWeb website is delivered, your initial digital marketing outlook will target your preferred audience to drive traffic to your website. This digital marketing content could be through a range of social media and other online channels, including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and newsletters. By building up website behaviour data from page visits and clicks, combined with sales, you will begin to see where your audience's interests lie.

As you build a clearer picture of your audience, you can begin to A/B test your content, which can, in turn, inform future content decisions for your website. TrikeWeb's Data and Maintenance Packages show you exactly what your visitors are doing on the website and allow you to make any changes you need to keep them engaged.

Performance On The Go

A smartphone's processor dictates its performance. Global trends indicate two-thirds of websites optimise for mobile performance. But, Google's analytic statistics reveal 40 per cent only achieve an "adequate" benchmark rating per 1000 queries. TrikeWeb does better. Mobile performance is a priority from the beginning, ensuring the best possible experience for your customers when they browse on the go.

Staying DRY

TrikeWeb takes an "umbrella" approach to the webspace's performance using a coding principle: "Don't Repeat Yourself".

You do this whenever you bookmark a website or use a route mapping API. Bearing this in mind while coding your website, TrikeWeb ensures a smooth and comfortable experience for your website visitors.

Delivering on promises

TrikeWeb stands for fast, responsive and secure websites at a reasonable price.

The primary goal is to make your website perform highly across all metrics and be better than the rest.

This is governance aka best practice.

What else can I tell you?

I have tonnes more information and ideas in my blog posts, looking at things such as how ad blockers can cause real headaches when gathering data in New Zealand. Have a browse!

If you have any queries or are interested in a TrikeWeb website, get in touch.

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