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26 April 2022

If you have a small business and are starting your online campaign then high operational costs whether monthly or annual don't need to be tolerated.

Comparisons show the platform TWNZ uses - Svelte - outperforms most peers - top 3 from 20 over the last 4 years. Svelte can be compared to React (used by Shopify) yet is lighter and faster. React was made by Facebook and was open sourced in 2015. Svelte is the younger faster version. TWNZ uses the global open source software ecosystem (Ubuntu, Svelte, Nginx, Mongo etc).

Using these tools keeps construction costs at the minimum - and faster than most.

Bolting on a "security first" bare-metal-platform in the form of an unmanaged virtual private server (UVPS) reduces operating costs by 80%.

Costs & Risks

Broadly speaking you can categorise.

The TWNZ process allows each client's business to build a picture of what the most popular features of a page are and this creates opportunistic pathways to increase audience exposure - and provides certain coherency to outbound marketing.

Performance Benefits

The benefits for TWNZ construction profile are:

Marketing Benefits

The benefits for using the premium maintenance package are:

Cost saving and improve the return on investment that TWNZ clients make - a cheaper outlay with faster marketing.

These benefits reduce the risk to your business

A marketing budget comes from operating revenue, savings from operational costs are welcome because typical costs for new businesses range between 15-25% of operating revenue.

Following the 2008 GFC there was retrenchment from larger financial actors (ie banks).
"In the mortgage industry information asymmetry and product complexity creates incentives for parties to behave opportunistically and unilaterally expropriate economic gains."

In NZ during 2018, 9% of company growth was funded by equity versus 24% by debt.

Recently Covid and now the Russia/Ukraine war and recession bring risk assessment to the forefront again with increasing inflation, supply costs, CPI and mortgage rate rises.

In NZ SMEs could be pinched at both ends - not knowing how to employ or raise operational efficiency and having reduced access to debt/equity finance.

Globally the competition between suppliers keeps costs low for created monetised components and functional suites of add-ons (eg Amazon et al). But in NZ this cost saving isn't really passed on to customers - what in fact may be happening is you as a customer may be paying more for less.

If you are a small-to-medium-business (SME) you need terms of reference because ignorance can lead to poor marketing positioning, lower brand awareness and slow growth. A plausible failure is what you might be inviting.

Reducing, mitigating and elminating risks associated with construction and operations is what TWNZ is about.

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