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19 November 2021

You get a website. Hopefully, it is all working hard to bring in new customers and clients! But is it performing as well as it should? And how do you know?

The best way to ensure your website is working hard for you is by monitoring your website traffic. Over time, you can see how many visits you are getting, popular pages, and where to improve performance.

There are systems and apps which allow you to do this, including Google Analytics. But one often-overlooked factor that may degrade the data you get from these: Adblockers.

Fun fact: 40% of Kiwis use an adblocker, and in most cases, your analytics statistics are incomplete at best.

TrikeWeb has a data package that doesn't get blocked by adblockers. You can see how many visitors you have and where they are clicking from day one.

Your Core Business Tool

TrikeWeb's Revision Cycles are the final piece of the overall development path of Accessibility, SEO, Mobile Performance and Information Architecture. Regular revision of traffic data gives you the most return on your website investment.

With a comprehensive data package, you create a potential information path on your website and record what happens when people use it. With more visits, it becomes clear where people spend time on your site and where they might become bored, frustrated and exit.

Within TrikeWeb's Revision Cycle, there are four main themes: the Website, the Data, the Content and the Contract. You can change all, some or nothing, as necessary.

The decision process becomes transparent, and it is much easier to refresh content and start the cycle again - hence 'rinse and repeat'.

TrikeWeb's data-based Revision Cycle is a core business tool helping you to make your website better for your customers and work harder for your business.

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