Premium Maintenance Package

premium package

Get more from your site

A Premium Maintenance Package (PMP) brings the insight of visitor data to your web space. The package includes the site maintenance and monitoring in the TrikeWeb standard package.

This is TrikeWeb's hot deal for a business to create its own webspace and take control of its own data.

Why choose PMP?

"Peace of Mind" and digital marketing.

The TrikeWeb Premium Maintenance Package (PMP) provides security, functionality and adaptability and above all - digital marketing strategy. Your business webspace can now have the features it needs to start being a modern website platform.

In NZ 37% of online users have an adblocker. This usually blocks the Google Analytics script.
By their nature analytics scripts make cross-origin requests and sometimes that is unsafe.
TrikeWeb inserts an in-house script because Google and Facebook scripts can also lower performance by 50% and add 5-10 seconds to mobile load time.

The PMP isn't blocked AND when used in conjunction with GA4 to get information on what search terms and impressions were recorded it improves the data "catch".

TrikeWeb's data collection allows you to see page entry data(time, location, device, browser etc) and time spent on the page(s). You can use this to build a picture of how your visitors and customers use and experience your website.

That means you can further develop your website, marketing and social media strategies to optimise your performance in the digital ecosystem.

You can use the pre-sales-indicators(PSI) to lower the cost of customer acquisition.

The Package

The Premium Maintenance Package offers data, monitoring and maintenance on your TrikeWeb site and this is essentially peace of mind.

It shows the visitor make-up. At one or three months visitor data is grouped and analysed.

The PMP really shines when you run paid advertising campaigns - you can drive inbound and outbound marketing with analysis of the xls reports.

The package provides half an hour free editing every two-weeks. This accrues till the end of the month, but doesn't roll-over to the next month.

The minimum service contract period is one business quarter (three months). The cost is NZD$100.00 per month.

The PMP is invoiced each month and renewable each quarter.


The TrikeWeb code runs from the client's browser and does not breach privacy rules. It monitors website traffic and does not identify the individual user, but provides useful data for improving your on-brand marketing.

Tangible evidence for your marketing dollar

Data collection assists in business sales funnels by recording of how people navigate through your site. Globally since 2019 (pre-Covid) digital marketing has the biggest piece of the marketing pie as big firms move their marketing in-house and focus on customer retention.

Webspace data identifies and focuses the marketing budget on clients you want to keep.

Why Revision?

A revision cycle is used to adapt website pages where you find visitor interest is stronger. Click data is recorded as the visitor moves around the site. This is in addition to the data captured when they land.

Where the anonymous visitor interest is stronger or weaker you can add, remove or alter a new tactic. The overall process has a governance strategy to elevate data into data-decisions into a revision strategy aka A/B testing. This governance strengthens a business's operational transparency to enable equity or debt leverage.

Revision will involve a service contract you will have to pay. What TrikeWeb and the PMP offer is a method to drive your Webspace forward effectively.

Go to the Qualifier Form and run through it to get an idea of what you might need to prepare for.

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