Mobile Performance

21 December 2021

When your business is online, you need to make an excellent first impression.

If any page takes too long to load, you risk losing your audience. It's like having an open sign on your shop-front door, but the door has jammed. Not every visitor is a paying customer. But ensuring you have a fast loading site, particularly on mobile, can only optimise your return on investment.

An easy way to check performance is by using Google Lighthouse. The Time Till Interactive (TTI) is part of the performance assessment.

TTI is significant. There is no point in having a fancy site if people won't hang around while it loads. Some developers make a website look ready when it isn't, and this is where TrikeWeb helps you. TrikeWeb aims to get the mobile performance of all pages within the range of a 90-100 score on Lighthouse and the TTI to 3 seconds max. A fast load removes a significant barrier and lets the visitor slide through the front door of your website easily.

Here's a quote of relevance: " Deloitte, there's a heavy focus on the firm's ability to operationalise core risk management frameworks/principles & requirements within its own model and culture".

In short, your business should look for partners who have a sound risk management focus. TrikeWeb works to reduce the barriers and risks of your website for you - at a reasonable cost. Your website is part of the operational side of your business and it supports your business. It should be as fast as possible - for all users, including mobile pre-paid customers.

Getting this right from the start (during development) is operationally the most efficient way. Mobile performance is a big part of a website's functionality. It uses data, creates data and allows data decisions. If you engage in data-driven decisions, you get bonuses in your return on investment in time and money compared to others. For example, banks and equity partners look favourably at data-backed decisions.

Allow TrikeWeb to build the website properly from the beginning.

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