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The Standalone Package (SP) website offered by TrikeWeb is a basic package. It includes a domain name, a hosting agreement and website software. It should be combined with the standard or premium maintenance package to accelerate further growth for your business. It's cost effective because the common third party overheads are avoided while maintaining security.

The SP is the cornerstone of the TrikeWeb Website Service and forms a fit for purpose "Bare-Metal" platform.

Real Cost Transparency

You could do it yourself. TrikeWeb costs are similar for using something like Wordpress or Wix at the absolute bottom end. Use Google to search "Wordpress cost startup" and "Wix cost startup" to check that out. I'm being fairly transparent here because they are realistic options for a small business in New Zealand. The bottom-line is the cost of a registered domain name and basic hosting averages out at about $3 per week over one to three years. Also, just to be fair if you start a business email account with Google once you're online you'll get a $100 voucher for Ads.

Another real thing is the transparency of adding functionality. I'm not saying it's easy but there's a global open source community and it's growing. It isn't hard to add functionality like sub-domains (for blogs) and apps (like messaging) to your website, you just need to know what you want - because these things are common, popular deliverables. You can compare that idea to additional features you pay for with Wordpress or Wix. What TW does here is offer you free advice - one hour, if you want it.

The SP does the "key" governance issues of:

  • Accessibility
  • Best Practice
  • Mobile and Desktop Performance
  • Information Architecture aka Content Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Security

Standalone Package Purpose

This package is for a website that "stands alone" and does not have a data package for monitoring site visitors or users. There is no data recording except for access and error logs from the server. However the TW Webspace does mitigate known security concerns and does not use third party software. This greatly reduces the surface area of potential threat and/or attack.

It's perfect for a "brochure" or temporary website(eg one business quarter).

The Typical Hardware and Software

This includes but isn't limited to the following software and services for a Standalone Package:

  • Domain Name Registration for 1, 2 or 3 years
  • Hosting with A2 for 1, 2 or 3 years
  • Operating System is Ubuntu 20.04 with the UFW firewall
  • Nginx Server with SSL, HTTPS and an up-to-date security configuration
  • Platform Frameworks are Node 8+ and SvelteKit 3+
  • A built-in sitemap descriptor to be used with search engine submission eg Google
  • Search engine submission of the registered domain name (the website url) after online publication

Below can be included in TW Standard and Premium Maintenance Packages

  • Data package for visitor statistics
  • Monthly or Quarterly Data Reports
  • MongoDB database with SSL for transaction encryption
  • Web Application Firewall for maintaining transaction security

Loss of Uptime or Service Failure

If a problem occurs it will get a severity rating assigned of low, medium or high. The Incidence Response Plan (IRP) will define the actions necessary to fix the problem(s) within the timeframe. The client will be advised at the start and end of this process. If that notification is not possible then TW will notify the client where it's able to while continuing the remediation process.
Notification occurs when the client or TW becomes aware of the issue.
The low severity period response is 72 hours.
The medium and high periods are 24 to 36 hours.
This isn't a necessrily a billable cost and is conducted in good faith and with reasonable expectations of TW service and client behaviour.

Definitions / Terms

  • "TW" here means TrikeWeb NZ Ltd.
  • "Website" here refers to and includes the hardware and software structure defined below
  • "Webspace" here means the social media platforms associated with TW and the Website
  • "Client" here means a possible or actual purchaser of services from TW. It does not mean a Website visitor
  • "Live" here means a functioning Website that is located on a specific Domain Name Register and can be accessed with the use of a modern browser.
  • "Standalone" means here a Website that is not supported after Live publication.
  • "Uptime" here means the usable (by a modern browser) time a the Website is available for use in partnership with a hosting provider.
  • "Peace of Mind" here means a reasonable expection of service obligations being fullfilled and/or maintained during and between service agreements while following the directions of the Terms and Conditions of TW, the Website and the Webspace


The Client and TW will follow a process of agreement for deliverables for each milestone. Each milestone needs a sign-off and is treated as contractually separate. The milestones are usually the following but can be altered depending on what's needed for your contract:

  • Agreement to Provide Service for Website Development
  • Definition of Service Length for Website Development
  • Initial content body delivery (from client or sub-contractor)
  • Content strategy structure planning
  • Functionality testing of the Website - Domain Name Registration must be completed by this point
  • Loading of the Website - the Website security is tested
  • Publishing of the Website - this is the "Live" bit
  • Search Engine Submission of the Website
  • TW and Client Sign-Off on delivery of the Webspace Service - then it's all yours

The Service Agreement is limited to the development, provisioning, testing and loading of the Website and/or Webspace. There will be no further provision of service from TW once the threshold of Live Website publishing is reached unless by negotiation.

Please Note

TW will include in the Agreement to Provide Service - a provision to prevent an external vendor (ie not TW or a TW sub-contractor) agreement not with TW during Website Development after the Agreement to Provide Service is completed.

If this isn't enough go to the Standard and Premium Packages (links at the top) for more information.

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